1 thought on “snakes and volunteers enjoying the sun”

  1. Marcus Minutelli

    Good afternoon,
    I trust you are well, My name is Alexa.

    I matriculated in 2016 and since then have devoted my life to working at various rhino and wildlife orphanages. I have decided to follow my dream and apply for vet nursing.

    I have volunteered at multiple farm animal and wildlife rescues but need volunteering experience with exotics , reptiles and birds to be able to apply.
    The vet nursing field is extremely competitive and any help with volunteering experience would be so appreciated.
    Would it be at all possible to volunteer at your facility for a day or two?

    Thank you so much for listening to my story.

    Kind regards,
    Alexa Minutelli

    email minutelli@mweb.co.za
    Mobile +27 82 7392859
    Home +27 21 761 4816

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